Dreams Unzipped with Dr. Dream & Nancy T

3-D Dreams, Death & Drawing

May 5, 2017
Walter Berry, M.A. is a certified Dream Worker based in the Los Angeles, California area.  He is a longtime member of the IASD (International Association for the Study of Dreams, www.AsDreams.org) and has conducted both workshops and morning dream groups in a multitude of the yearly dream conferences.  
He is the chair of the Dream Ball for the 2017 IASD conference and is also on the Arts Committee for the 2017 Conference.
He is a founding member of the IASD Southern California Regional committee.
The weekly dream group that he conducts in Los Angeles has been featured in the Los Angeles Times and also The New York Times.  
His emphasis is using the visual in working with dreams and he is currently writing a book on the subject- “Drawn into the Dream.”
He has written articles that appeared in Dreamtime Magazine, and is one of the authors of “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions”.  
He has been a guest lecturer at Harvard University, The California Institute for the Arts and The California Institute of Integral Studies.
He is a regular contributor on my radio show “Dreams Unzipped.”
He is a visual artist and uses dreams extensively in creating his art.
He is also a professional lighting designer in the Motion Picture and Television field.  Currently he is lighting television shows, and is doing lighting design for a giant outdoor art piece on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles designed by artist Janet Echelman which, coincidentally, is a piece entitled “Dream Waves” and is a representation of the what happens to the brain during dreams.
More important than all this is his commitment to helping people experience dreams and get something from the experience.  
“I believe that if the people of this world would listen to and stand in the experience of their own nighttime dreams and the dreams of others, that we would be a more peaceful enlightened people.”

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